National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers

The self-governing body of all suppliers for the National Square and Round Dance Convention

History and Purpose

What is NASRDS?

The National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers was formed in May of 1975. The members are commercial businesses which provide apparel, equipment, records, and many other speciality items which dancers require for the enjoyment of the activity. NASRDS works closely with the committees for each National Convention, especially the Vendor Booth Chairmen, and is responsible for the maintenance of the Exhibitors Seniority List for each National Convention. 

NASRDS also provides counsel and assistance to other organizations that may request their aid. They will assist any square and/or round dance organization with recommendations for festivals, conventions, or other dance related activities if requested to do so. NASRDS has developed, with the assistance and approval of the National Executive Committee of the National Square Dance Convention, suggested guidelines for the administration of vendor booths as far as the number, type, and arrangement of space. These guidelines are also available to any local, district, state or regional festivals or conventions at their request. 

NASRDS has a standing committee for the investigation of and recommending a course of action on any complaint received concerning unethical conduct of a commercial enterprise involved with the National Square Dance Convention. NASRDS strives to provide and assure honest representation, fairness and quality service to the Square Dance community. 

NASRDS represents a group of commercial ventures who are self-regulating within their organization to insure equality among themselves. Guidelines are subscribed to and enforced for the benefit of all. NASRDS is an organization that works very closely with the NEC in assisting them to expedite the management of the vendors and vendor booths at the National Convention. NASRDS has a letter of agreement with the NEC that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the organization. Any decision rendered by NASRDS is approved by the NEC before it can be implemented. 

If you have any questions concerning NASRDS please contact any member of the executive board or write: 

Attn: Bruce Carter
1005 Canyon View Rd.
Dripping Springs, TX 78620

President - Steve Smith
Phone: (281) 923-8040 

1st Vice President - Peggy Brantley
Phone: (540) 599-7034

Sec./Treasurer - Bruce & Wanda Carter
Phone: (512) 894-3634

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