National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers

The self-governing body of all suppliers for the National Square and Round Dance Convention

Constitution, Code of Ethics & By-Laws

Know ye, all those present and future, that we have duly constituted a non-profit organization hereafter to be known as the National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers.

Governed by this Constitution and the By-Laws made a part hereof, this organization is dedicated to advancing the Square and Round Dance movement. Be it further known that members of the National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers will, by virtue of their membership, dedicate themselves to enhancing, expanding and in every manner possible, improve the atmosphere of Square and Round Dancing activities. This to enrich the enjoyment of those who participate. Be it also known that, as a non-profit organization, each member will contribute a fair and equal share of all expenses.

This Constitution and related By-Laws, having been adopted by the forming members may be amended in any manner when properly directed by a majority of members present at any regularly called meeting of general membership. Witness our hand and seal hereto.


As a member of the National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers, I certify that the following Code of Ethics will be guiding principles in the conduct of my economic activities.  

1. I recognize that the enrichment of dance activities is the route to best improve my own economic well being, but pledge myself to a selfless goal of siding this great activity regardless of financial gain.

2. I will not knowingly violate the laws or operating rules of any agencies or square dance organizations which govern our economic activities. 

3. I shall ask for no more than fair and reasonable considerations in my relationship with dance activity sponsors and my follow exhibitors. 

4. The goods and services I offer shall be honestly presented, with no intent to defraud or mislead. 

5. I will show consideration for the dancers and my fellow exhibitors by containing my display within the area assigned and not erect signs that obstruct the view of other exhibitors. 

6. My displays will be in good taste, conducive to the dancing environment and maintained in good order. 

7. When exhibiting at sponsored dance activities, I will abide by the rules of the sponsoring organization and respond to all reasonable requests from those responsible for the function. 

8. I will ensure that no alcoholic beverages are maintained or consumed by any person in my exhibiting area before or during dance activities.

9. I will ensure that the personal actions, mannerisms and verbalization of all those in my control are conductive to the enhancement of dance activities. 

10. Above all else, I shall conduct my activities with the honesty and integrity that is the foundation of friendship and our social environment. 

(As amended July 24, 2014) 

The following By-Laws, having been duly adopted, are the basic rules and regulations of the National Association of Square and Round Dance Suppliers. 


Any individual, or other entity recognized by law, who provides a continuing service to square and round dancing participants from which they might reasonably expect to receive remuneration as a form of compensation, may apply for and receive initial membership in this organization. Membership in this organization provides the following entitlements and requires of its members adherence to all By-Laws and the Code of Ethics. Violation of the Constitution, By-Laws, and/or Code of Ethics are grounds for revocation of membership.

All members are required to remit dues to this organization in order to maintain membership in good standing. The amount of dues, determined by the membership and board of officers for each calendar year, shall be due by December 31 each year. A dues notice, mailed to each member prior to the due date is complimentary, but not mandatory by the Secretary-Treasure. On February 1 of each following year, the Secretary Treasurer shall remove from the rolls, (including Exhibitors and Non-Exhibitors on the Seniority List) all members not paying dues. It is the responsibility of each member to assure that they have made payment in full by the due date. Dropped members do not have entitlement to upcoming conventions or other NASRDS privileges. Once paid, dues are not refundable


1. VOTING RIGHTS. Each membership is entitled to and entrusted with one vote. This vote may be exercised at any duly called meeting.

2. RECORDS OF THE ORGANIZATION. Basic records of the organization and financial records shall be maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer. All records may be examined by any member through written request to the President of the organization. Such request shall allow for a reasonable time in order to make the examination convenient to both the member who desires examination and the party maintaining those records to be examined. The examination shall be performed at the place where the records are normally maintained.


Officers of the organization shall be elected on a biennial basis and will serve for a period of two years. Reelection shall also be in terms of two years. There are no limits imposed on the number of consecutive terms any individual may serve as an officer. The following officers shall be elected by a majority of members present at each specified annual meeting: PRESIDENT, FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT, SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT and SECRETARY-TREASURER.  Newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the annual convention at which the election takes place. The President shall appoint a replacement to serve out the time for any officer who is unable to complete their elected term of office. 


The annual meeting will normally be called on Wednesday evening before each annual National Square Dance Convention. The place of the meeting and the exact time shall be at the discretion of the President, but will be in a location convenient to those attending the National Square Dance Convention. Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.


The Executive Board will be comprised of the President, First and Second Vice-Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer, and the immediate past President. The annual meeting will be held on Tuesday prior to the annual general meeting. Other meetings, including telephonic, may be called at the discretion of the President.


Committees for specified purposes may be appointed by the President and will consist of 3 or more individuals (at the President's discretion). A standing committee will be appointed at each annual meeting, which shall be known as The Ethics Committee, and will consist of at least 3 persons (other than officers of the organization).


The ETHICS COMMITTEE will be charged to examine any complaints lodged by or against any member. They shall report their findings and recommendations to the officers of the Organization. Findings and recommendations of the ETHICS COMMITTEE shall be reported to the investigated party by the officers. 


Expenditures of monies from the Treasury may be made only with the concurrence of the officers of the organization. Expenses incurred by an officer shall be at their discretion with the understanding that reimbursement for those expenses incurred is contingent upon the approval of the elected officers. If disagreement exists as to the correctness of expenditures, the President shall take a vote of the other three officers, with the President abstaining from voting.. Approval of the expenditure requires the approval of two of the three officers. A report of all revenues & expenses incurred and paid for the last fiscal year shall be rendered at each annual meeting by the Secretary-Treasurer. 


Any member found to have violated the Code of Ethics of NASRDS or to have committed a disparaging act to the Organization, including a conviction of a felony, may be considered for loss of membership. If recommended by the Ethics Committee and concurred with by the officers, the investigated party will be notified and a motion for expulsion will be made at the next annual meeting. Upon a majority vote of the members present, membership may be withdrawn or continued as directed by the vote. 


Each year, the Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for making a Final Seniority Report. The Final Seniority Report shall be available to all members through the NASRDS website. Log in information shall be made available to all members in good standing.


The Fiscal year is defined as the period from June 1-May 31.

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